Info graphics should not be used on the website. They hinder both accessibility and search engine optimization. Info graphics are graphics that include copy, statistical information, etc. They are basically images or graphics that contain text. In order to give visually impaired users the same information in the graphic the information has to be typed out in a long description or alt text. Also the image content is not searchable only the alt text and long description are. If the long description and alt text are not filled in info graphics are useless to visually impaired users and provide no information to search engines.


This information in the above graphic should be placed in a table rather than displayed in an info graphic. In order to give visually impaired users this content it would have to be typed out in the alt text or long description. This creates a lot of excess work and does not provide a clear picture for visually impaired users. This information should be provided to users in a simple table.