The Dashboard

The Dashboard is your home screen in Cascade Server. You can reach the dashboard by clicking the home link in the top left corner.


The Dashboard consists of widgets.


Site (upper left corner) lists sites that you have access to. Clicking here will take you to the folder system for that site, which will appear in the "My Sites" widget.


Notifications displays a list of recent messages. This is basically an internal system email. You will receive messages when items publish successfully as well as a few other system notifications. I can also use this to communicate directly with editors in Cascade Server.


Stale Content Widget shows you what items have and haven’t been updated in the last 60 days. It displays this information in a simple pie chart. You can change the time frame on the widget so it looks at a smaller or larger window of time.

Locked Assets show assets that have been locked and cannot be edited.

My Content shows you a list of the recent items you have accessed. This is helpful if you need to jump back into a page you edited recently to make more changes. 


Workflows is not currently used. This lists items you have submitted into a workflow for approval. Since we do not currently use workflows this does not apply.


Drafts shows a list of draft pages or items you currently have. Drafts are temporary versions of pages you have been working on that have not been submitted.


The dashboard can be customized. You can click and drag widgets and place them in the order you would like. There are options for adding and removing widgets as well.