Tables are meant to display large amounts of dense information in order to show the relationships between the content. There is no set width for each column. There should be 10px of padding from the edges of the table, and at least 20px of padding between columns. There are a few key elements to the construction of a table:


The Header Row should state the column names (17px Univers 55 Roman #ffffff) for the information it contains. In most cases this header row should have a background color of #004d86.


The far-left column should contain the most important information for the user. Content should be in 17px Univers 55 Roman with a color of #231f20. To aid in usability, rows should alternate in shading (#f2f2f2) to help lead users across the table.

Header Row #004d86
Header Row Text #ffffff
Row Shading #f2f2f2
Row Text #231f20