This is similar to the employee bio page but this allows you to list all employees on one page with a link to the full bio.


Below you can see a sample of what the employee bio list content type looks like. All required fields are listed in bold font with a star next to them.

Bio List backend

As you can see the bio list is almost identical to the bio page setup. There are only a couple differences


The first difference is the “List Type” option at the top. This allows you to determine whether you want to build the list manually, automatically or both.


Automatically will pull in and link to all bio pages that correspond to the selected department. These can then be ordered Alphabetically by last name or by the priority order set on each individual bio. Not that to remove or add people to the list via the automated option you either need to add a new bio page for them or remove their existing bio page and then publish the bio list page.


If you only choose automated you will only be given the department selector, order, and wysiwyg editor. If you select manual you will get an area to fill in each person’s info. This is very similar to the individual employee bio page.


The second difference is that you have a + sign at the the top of the bio area so you can add multiple people. Once you have multiple people you can use the minus sign to remove them or the arrow to reorder them.


The last difference is you have the ability to select a page to link to.


Below is an example of what the output from the employee bio list page type would look like using the brief bio option.

If a link was filled in the photo and person’s name would become a hyperlink and link to whatever page you selected during the setup of the page. This also occurs when using the Automated options but this is done automatically for you rather than entering a link for each person. Also if you use both manual and automated all manually added people will appear after the automated listings.